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Yet another Unipower GT restoration is underway

Following hot on the heels of three other 'recent' restorations, one Competition GT and two other Road spec cars (albeit that one of these had been converted for competitive use) as featured in the Club's Blog pages, we now have another which has lain dormant for quite some time now. I've been in constant contact with its owner for many years, providing support in terms of parts and guidance as well as some provenance confirmation.

So it was great to receive a photograph from its owner showing the beginnings of its reincarnation to what what will be a very special running car once again. Its owner wishes to keep his and the cars details quiet for now, but it is hoped that its full restoration will be featured over the coming months, so keep an eye out for fresh Blog posts.

I must say that it is really is fantastic to see such a steady stream of Unipower GT's being returned to being fully operational again. Their Owners being gracious enough to say that It has been in no small way, due to the efforts of the Owners Club in providing support and motivation to their efforts, which is why it was established back in 1972.


Photo : Copyright of the Club on behalf of its Owner

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Guy Monty
Guy Monty
28 nov 2022

Fantastic to see and excellent news for these important cars. Let's hope this restoration progresses well and we see updates of the work!

Me gusta
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