Welcome to the official Unipower GT Owners Club/Register website   www.unipowergt.uk. I hope that you have/will find the information on the website about these remarkable cars both interesting and informative. Having owned Unipower GT's since the early 1970's when I first started the Unipower Owners Club, I have accumulated a very comprehensive library of knowledge about these cars from practical experience of ownership, however there continues to be snippets of information and stories out there, both past and present, as to the history of the cars both in production and over the last 54-years.  

For those of you who did not know very much about the Unipower GT, and with only 72 cars built they are very rare, I hope that this website will stimulate your interest and that  you will continue to visit the website, as its content will be continually updated.

For those of you who are owners of a Unipower GT and are not in contact with the Club/Register or know someone who has one, then I would very much welcome hearing from you, as whilst the Club will know about your cars original and historical detail, the aim is to fully identify and support all the remaining cars and their owners.

Once again thank you for your interest and look forward to perhaps meeting some of you at future events, where the Club/Register will have cars on display. The Club can be contacted using the following Form or by email at contact@unipowergt.uk


Gerry Hulford

Club/Register Secretary    

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