Quasar Unipower

Quasar Kahn was a Vietnamese inventor, engineer and designer known for his inflatable furniture line Aerospace. He's seriously the man though, his wife Emmanuelle was a clothing designer and they had two children named, Othello & Atlantique. Brought up in Paris, he interestingly also engineered the design of hydro-electric Dams !.  

In 1967, Universal Power Drives (UPD) were producing the Unipower GT and Quasar Kahn approached them to build a utility vehicle that very much mirrored his flair for designing transparent furniture of all shapes and sizes.  

The 'Cube' as it was nicknamed, had seating for six (sometimes with inflatable seats) with a rear mounted Mini engine and a vertical steering wheel. The glass sides and roof made it ideal for use in factory warehouses and as a promotional vehicle. One imagines however that it would get pretty hot inside in the sunshine, not forgetting that the occupants were very much on display. The dress code for girls of the time, certainly turned heads in town !. 

It is thought that as many as 15 Quasar Unipower's were made, mostly sold into France. 

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 © Gerry Hulford

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