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Parts Availability

The Club has comprehensive documentation of all parts etc.., used in the production and restoration of the Unipower GT, including the all the original Specialised Mouldings (The original suppliers) Body Moulds, from which any specific panel(s), from both UPD and UWF periods, can be produced as required. The Club will occasionally commission the manufacture of bespoke parts made by the factory, using the original parts as templates or original factory moulds. Occasionally other used or old/new stock parts which are hard to find will be acquired, however this is dependant on the funding available to stock some items.  


Below are just some of the parts available with many more parts being gradually added from various suppliers, so check back here for the latest parts availability. 

Please contact the Club for details of suppliers and known latest prices by clicking HERE


New Rear Lights - UWF period cars

image (2).jpg

Original pattern Radiators


Lockheed Clutch Master Cyl's


Latest Addition - Alternative Brake Master Cyl's. Note the mounting flange requires an enlarged hole in the Pedal box


Lower Steering U/J - Original joint (Top) has been superseded


Correct Windscreen, Rear Window, Door Window rubbers and channels etc...


Headlamps - 5-3/4" Cibie Convex lens (reproduction as obsolete from Cibie)


Lockheed Brake Master Cyl Repair Kits

image (3) - Copy.jpg

New Rear sections from Factory moulds. All other panels available. P.O.A.

UPD Chassis Plate.jpg
U.W.F. Chassis Plate.jpg

Original factory chassis plates NOTE: Only supplied to verified Chassis

Gearbox rear mounting.JPG

Rear gearbox mountings


New Roof Panels. P.O.A.

image (6).jpg

Refurbished Gear-changes


Gear-change grommet bushes

Suspension Bushes E20839 & E2086.JPG

Suspension Bushes to original spec  - Both Upper & Lower arm sizes

Gearchange joint  Triumph 157659.JPG

Steering and Gearchange U/J's


Silencers made to Order


Gear-change pattern stickers to original factory design

image (5).jpg

Coil Spring sets - All Lengths & Spring Rates

image (4).jpg

Early UPD Rear tail lights - Subject to availability


Headlamp bulb connecting terminal with cable ends


Latest Addition - Genuine Lockheed Brake Master Cyl's with correct Bore/fitting but now with nylon fluid reservoir 


Rear Screens - These are made using the factory mould in 5mm Clear Acrylic with the standard two air-vents. These can be made in 4mm for lightness and/or in Tinted Acrylic (non-factory finish) if required. P.O.A. 

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