The Register of Cars

The Unipower GT Owners Club hold records of every car produced by both Universal Power Drives Ltd and U.W.F. Automative Engineering based on the original factory records. The Register is not just the most comprehensive historical record of past and current ownership, but is also the most detailed available in terms of each cars individual specification, any changes made during its life, as well as little known stories behind individual cars. 

To respect the privacy of Owners, the full details held on the Register is only open by request to the Club Secretary, however a subset of the Register can be viewed in the Owners Area on this website,, to Owners who are registered with the Club.

For those Enthusiasts interested in where the cars are today, the following may be of interest. Where the Register shows cars as 'Unknown', this indicates that a definitive ownership has not been fully established. See also the page on Production Statistics for more information.

Australia                                      1
Hong Kong                                   1
Italy                                              2
Japan                                         16    
Luxembourg                                1

Portugal                                       2
Spain                                            3

Switzerland                                 4 
United Kingdom                        12
United States of America           9

Uknown  (includes scrapped cars)      22

Total production                        73

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