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Register of cars

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Established in 1972, the then Unipower GT Club now holds the most detailed database anywhere, of all the cars produced by both UPD and UWF Automative Engineering. Registered with both Government Directorates and Insurance companies, the Register provides current and prospective owners with authenticity certification 


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The Club holds a comprehensive collection of all the original factory documentation comprising Parts, Drawings, Wiring diagrams, as well as owning a complete set of the the original Body Moulds and other patterns to support owners in the running and restoration of their cars


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Having owned, restored  and run a number of road and race cars since 1972, the Club members have access to a in-depth knowledge pool covering the practical workings of the Unipower GT. This together with experiences from the world-wide ownership, past and present, enables the Register to offer a unparalleled level of knowledge to owners 



Club members have access to over 54-years of documentation and historical information, not only the original factory documentation, drawings, parts and suppliers listings as well as Production Records. The Club's Archives record the many events that the cars have taken part in both on and off the track over the years, along with probably the largest collection of Magazine articles, chronicling the Unipower GT from conception to today. 

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