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Current exceptional situation in the UK

The current Lock-down of the UK due to the COVID-19 virus is having a dramatic impact on all sporting and leisure events and will continue to do so over the coming months. 

Consequently the Club has put on hold and is leaving its registration for Classic Car events and the like with the Organisers   to contact us again when and if it is considered safe by the UK Government to once again be able to enjoy our cars and participate at local and national events. 

Please look back from time to time for any updates on this situation, when I hope to be able to bring you some good news in the future.

In the mean time say safe and follow the UK Governments advice and instructions which can be found by clicking on the link here or on this websites Home Page.

The Register at the Classic Car Show 2020


Given the very positive reviews following the Show , we are giving some thought to again participating at the Classic Car Show again in Y2020. In the past we have made this a Bi-annual event so as to display different cars wherever possible, given the limited number of cars in the UK able to get to the Show. It is also a major effort for many people to setup and get enough helpers each year, but more on that as plans evolve.

UK Owners Events

Both Tim Carpenter and I will be out this year at various events and hillclimbs. Tim will be doing the Knopp Hillclimb I understand as well as a number of others as well as static Classic events around the south of England.

I have decided (for now anyway) that my racer will not be put at risk in Historic Racing events, in which I have competed it in for many years since 1976, so will be confined to Track Days and Hillclimbs (something I have very limited experience of and for which I will just run the car as best as I can without too much modification). More news on these events as plans firm up. As always, we would love to see as many of you along to support our participation as these events.







Overseas Owners Events

Our overseas Owners are always pretty active with their cars both on and off the track (given that Ernie said they never considered that the cars would go racing !), with both Duncan Charlton (Texas, USA) and Kelly & John Whittenauer (Kentucky, USA) currently racing their cars in various Championships.  


In Japan, Unipower's feature often at various Classic events across the country. Most recently Chassis #UWF1024 was at the 60th Mini Celebration at the Fuji Circuit and at the Smiths Mini Meet in Osaka (1/12/2019). Any more info and pictures of other Unipower's in Japan, please contact the Register. 

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Interview with Gerry Hulford competing at Chateau Impney hillclimb 2019. 

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