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Competition GT versions - 1966 -70

Unipower GT's have taken part in many National and International races across Continents over the years, since its launch at the Racing Car Show in 1966. Designed as a road-car, based on the design of Val Dare-Bryan’s Attila Mk 5, there were initially no factory designated 'Works' competition cars, as it had never been intended to go racing. However, in 1966 the first car sold and built, a Competition GT version built (766.2) purchased by a customer at the launch of the cars. This chassis has many features, unique to this chassis when built and whilst constructed to an early Competition GT spec, underwent further development in collaboration with its owner, being the first Unipower GT to be raced from early 1967 by John E. Miles, in UK National club races. Later in 1968, Piers Weld-Forester bought the car and also raced the car in the UK. Later in 1968, he bought Unipower Cars and in early 1969, Piers announced that the company would enter the World Sports Car Championship with one and sometimes two cars, to campaign in International Endurance races in Group 4/6. 

​That they took on the best at races like the Targa Florio (Qualified 2nd behind a Porsche 908), Le Mans (the co-driver failed to qualify), Nürburgring 500kms (9th), Barcelona 12hrs (DNF after 9hrs) and other such Endurance races, often with very encouraging initial results, was remarkable and testimony to the cars inherently good design as a road car. (see The Unipower GT History)

​The Competition GT versions detailed below are often referred to as 'Lightweight Competition GT's'. However their only real weight reduction, was the removal of all 'road-car' components, such as the Boot, Carpets, Interior trim etc...., with the bodies still being made with the same fibreglass 'lay-up' weight as the standard cars. 

However two of these chassis were truly 'Lightweight', being very special cars built by UWF with bodywork supplied by Specialised Mouldings constructed with a very lightweight lay-up of fibreglass but stiffened with the application of a latticework of carbon-fibre strands, a very innovative use of this emerging material at the time. 


These cars were used for the Le Mans Test Day in March '69, Targa Florio May '69 and the failed attempt at Le Mans in June '69, both being either severely damaged or written off later before the end of 1970.   

It is indeed testimony to the marque that, in addition to the Competition GT's below, many Unipower GT's are still being entered in competitive events, mostly in the UK, USA, Portugal & Switzerland.

             Factory 'Works' entered Competition GT cars

             Built                          History                                              

             January   1966        Survives today in UK

             October   1968        Severely damaged at the Targa Florio 1969 

             February 1969        Destroyed at the Nürburgring 1970

​             Customer Competition GT Cars 

             Built                           History                                              

             June 1966                 Last known to be in the USA 

             December 1966       Survives today in UK             

             July 1967                  Survives today in the USA

             July 1968                  Survives today in the USA

Other 'Road spec' cars were raced by a number of talented privateer entrants in the UK, Europe and the USA, using often modified cars rather than 'Competition GT spec' cars, again to good effect.

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