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Unipower GT on show at the Motorama Show in Toronto, Canada

This coming Friday 8th March will see a recently purchased Unipower GT on show at the 3-day Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Show held The International Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Unipower GT previously owned by our long standing member, Duncan from the USA, was recently sold to its new owner Jim, residing in Canada. This continues this car's history of international ownership, having been owned in Spain, Sweden, USA and now Canada.

Duncan racing his old car in SCCA & CVAR events

Whilst Canada may seem a long way from many other circuits, Jim is quite used to travelling huge distances when racing his Mini's in the USA.

We very much look forward to hearing and reporting on Jim's exploits in his new purchase during the coming season in due course, when he intends to be racing it at various meetings in North America.

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09 mar

Many thanks for the pictures Jim. Your car looks really good amongst all the other participants. Great to see the car out there in Canada being shown. Good luck for the forthcoming racing season.

Me gusta

04 mar

I hope Jim will be able to bring the car to the British Car Day which is run by the Toronto Triumph club in September every year in Oakville.

Me gusta
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