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Last of the Factory fully assembled cars to be Auctioned

The last factory assembled car Chassis # UWF1023 from December 1969, has been in Nick's ownership since 1975, and will be auctioned next month. Nick had commenced early restoration on his car over the last few years, before ill health took its toll and his family are now looking to move the car on.

The car has had all its suspension & brakes renovated by a professional local garage and the car resprayed in the factory correct colour as painted when first produced to a very high standard. The Cooper 'S' 1275cc engine/gearbox has also apparently been fully rebuilt. Full details of the car and its condition can be seen in the Car Sales pages on this site.

The car has been consigned to Auction with Hobbs Parker’s Classic Car Sale as Lot 936 being held over the 17th/18th April at The New Ashford Market Monument Way, Orbital Park, Romney House, Ashford TN24 0HB England  Tel : +44 (0)1233 506266   Web :

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Guy Monty
Guy Monty
Mar 31

Let's hope it goes to a good home and returns to the road as soon as possible. One owner since 1975 is something really special!

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