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Wikipedia - Unipower GT

Many of you may have seen that the Unipower GT entry in Wikipedia has been updated considerably in the last week or so following some updates dating from last December. The changes have tried to add considerably more detail behind the Unipower GT story with added sections on the Quasar Unipower (Cube Car), ESAP Minimach GT (Italian copyright-breaching clone of the Unipower GT) and the 'inspired by the concept Unipower GT roadster' for South Africa, the Banshee.

The updates are generally well written and with comprehensive reference to various magazine, book and internet articles from over the years, including pages from this the Club's website.

Regrettably once again, as is so often the case, since articles on the Unipower GT have become more frequent of late, there are many glaring errors and misinformation. Understandable as the information is taken from sources that at the time no doubt believed or were led to believe was correct. As with all complex stories that happened well over 54-years ago now, unless an author has access to considerable verified contributions from those who were there at time, and even here we see differences in initial recollection, access to original documentation (and even here research has to be done to verify), as well as practical knowledge of the cars gathered over considerable time, then inevitably the story and 'facts' will get distorted.

The Club will correct these errors on Wikipedia in due course, but be assured that the information contained on this website, has been thoroughly researched and is based on 48-years of either first hand experience/knowledge from verified sources at the time of Production and thereafter supported by original factory documentation and correspondence, so can be seen as the most up-to-date verified source on the Unipower GT.

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Roger Furness
Roger Furness
May 10, 2020

Look forward to the book

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