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The Unipower GT design really excelled in the 60's

From the first time I saw a Unipower GT, I was impressed with the overall 'packaging' and how its designer had managed to install a tall Mini engine/gearbox into such a compact and sleek sports car, whilst maintaining such a flowing form and keeping those important proportions just so right. This was a real skill both on the drawing board but also in incorporating 10" wheels and other propriety components such as the Triumph windscreen, not an easy task.

In my racing exploits with my Unipower GT, I've raced against a number of other Mini engine powered cars from that era such as the Landar R6 (below), again whose proportions could be seen as attractive from some angles but never pulled off the overall versatility of the Unipower GT as an every-day usable car as well as something you could race in.

However this Blog post was prompted from coming across the following picture of the Deep Sanderson proof of concept/prototype (below left), which just showed how advanced the Unipower GT was for its time. The Deep Sanderson went on to be further developed and compete Internationally with some success and indeed was on my radar as a car to own at one time, but to my mind the Unipower GT was just so much more attractive.


Compare these to the Unipower GT (Concept below left) and (Prototype below right) and you'll see what I mean !.

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Thomas Jay
Thomas Jay
Jul 17, 2020

The Landar was 'on my radar' , and I still have the engine that I built to drop in it, but I was so far down the order book that other cars caught my eye.

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