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The first book dedicated to the history of the Unipower GT is limited to 500 Copies

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

This fully authenticated publication will be available now as a 500 copy Limited publication

With a Foreword by both Ernie Unger and Val Dare-Bryan, the history of these cars is told in great detail from its conception though the 4-years of production as well as all those involved along the way with many anecdotal stories of their exploits.

The efforts of the 'Works' factory racing campaigns as well as those of the Privateer teams is discussed in great detail along with an extensive listing of all known competitive events from 1967 to date, in addition to biographies of all cars that were competed in.

The official Register of all cars produced world-wide is also published for the first time ever, along with historical images, providing an insight into the details of each car.

Technical aspects of the cars are covered in detail along with guidance on suspension setups for both Road and Competition use.

Produced as a hardback Limited edition extending to 172-pages and featuring in excess of 420 photographs, the book is the definitive reference for all owners and those interested in the the Unipower GT marque and given there will only be 500 copies worldwide, soon to become rare and collectable.

Purchase your copy from the Shop on the Club's website.

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