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Modified Unipower GT to return to original specification

This 1969 Unipower GT spent much of its life in Holland/Canada/USA from 1971-2006 and before being returned to the UK had its bodywork modified to take 13" Dia wide-wheels, an air-dam, the roof filled in when the sunroof was removed as well as the fitment of larger diameter front-brake discs.

Its recent new owner however is keen to return the car to original, so a new rear-body, front wheel arches, new roof, removal of the air-dam and fitment of Cooper 'S' front brakes with Minilite wheels, is being undertaken. Its turbo-charged engine is also being replaced with a conventional 1275cc Cooper 'S' engine/gearbox, along with some other detail to return the car to its original specification. The final paint colour is still being decided, but this Unipower GT will this year be returned to being one of the best examples of its period.

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