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London Concours 2020 19th/20th August

The London Concours 2020 is taking place in London today & tomorrow on the lawns of the Honourable Artillery Company in the centre of London. The event showcases a collection of around 100 cars participating in eight distinct Classes. This year there will be a unique collection of ten Dino Ferrari's as well as around ten cars for the private collection of Ian Callum, the ex-Head of Design at both Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. Pride of place on Ian Callum's stand will be the new Vanquish 25, a bespoke version of Aston's Vanquish re-forged as Ian would have liked it to have been back when he designed it. Only 25 cars will be build, all individually bespoke'd for their owners and costing a cool £650,000.

In the Lost Marques display will be the early Unipower GT from the UPD era, currently belonging to Tim Carpenter. In this Class will be examples from DeLorean, Frazer-Nash, Jensen, Rover, De Tomaso, Amphicar and more...

A further report on the Concours will be published in the Blog once I return after visiting the Concours tomorrow.

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