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Latest article on a Unipower GT appears in Mini Magazine

The May edition of the Mini Magazine features an article on a Unipower GT whose travels with its previous owners has taken it from Europe to South Africa, then the USA and back to the UK.

Its past history was very much as a 'standard' car, much loved and travelled with its long time owner. It was when it was in South Africa that it was sold and its new owner in the USA rather uniquely fitted it with a Mini Metro turbo engine, along with the necessary modifications to the rear chassis in accommodating this upgrade. Along with this upgrade came some considerable modifications to the bodywork, with the addition of very wide wheel-arches and a small front air-dam together with wide 13" wheels.

On its sale and return from the USA, Mark Butler, the owner at the time of the article further modified the bodywork, adding a tidier looking air-dam, removing the glass sunroof, re-trimmed the interior and repainted the car once more in white.

The car has recently changed hands once again earlier this year and is now undergoing an extensive restoration in the UK to return the car to its original factory specification, restoring/replacing all its bodywork using the original factory body moulds, engine, chassis, suspension, brakes, wheels and interior. More on this as its new owner wishes.

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