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Custom made Mathwall Air-dam reunited

Back in the early ownership of this Chassis having the well known registration LTM 80G, its then owner Peter Filby of Alternative Cars magazine fame, commissioned the well known engineering company Mathwall Engineering to make a custom Air-dam that would fit across the front of his road specification Unipower GT car, to give it a very individual look.

One of the cars previous owners had decided to compete in the car and had made dramatic alterations and additions, the Mathwall air-dam, being replaced with something perhaps a little less attractive.

However now in the process of its re-build, that original Mathwall creation has been very neatly re-integrated back onto the front sill once again. Importantly though it has been merged into the wide wheel arches that this chassis was modified with a few years ago which its current owners have decided to keep, as the car will be returned to competitive events in due course.

Its ongoing restoration progress is being covered elsewhere in these Blog pages.

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