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A Honeymoon Drive

Almost 39-years ago the White Unipower GT reg: NGH 8D that I'd bought in 1972, was now Aquatic Jade and had been a daily driver all those years come rain, shine and snow. Now it was to be our transport for my new wife and I on our Honeymoon driving around Scotland in March !. Well we got the sunshine and the snow, but at least she was wrapped up well !. Nearly 2,000 miles later it got us home again back in Sussex, weighed down with wedding presents from my relations in Scotland, in the boot, behind the seats and anywhere else we could find as well as two weeks of luggage. What an amazing car and probably not a journey that I'd like to repeat in my later years now, but never forgotten !. So have any of you risked post-wedding, packing your loved one into a 'tiny' car and had to scrap the ice off the inside of the windscreen screen as you drove along !!. But 39-years later we are still together and I still have one Unipower GT, which is very much part of the family.

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