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Unipower GT rebuild blog from Cornwall Part 15

Progress has been steady on the very comprehensive and detailed restoration on this car, which has had a very chequered past history, having latterly also been fitted with a Mini Metro turbo engine. Whilst it had supposedly been restored by a previous owner, subsequent inspection unearthed a list of issues, so severe, that Guy took the major decision to undertake a comprehensive factory correct restoration of the whole of the tubular chassis as well as replacing all the body panels, except for the Bonnet & both Doors, with new panels pulled from the original factory body moulds. A major decision as you can imagine.

The latest info and pictures from Guy, show the newly fabricated exhaust system fitted to a genuine brand new Janspeed exhaust box built in the 70's. As can be seen in the pictures, the level of detail that Guy has gone to in restoring this car is just fantastic and together with its unique two-tone colour scheme, a homage to the car his father had built by the factory in 1969, will be as perfect an example of any Unipower GT out there.

The next immediate tasks to complete are fitting the water radiator, final cooling hoses and plumbing and of course the trimming of the interior. Then a few incidental jobs. (Which always take more time than you allow for . Ed)

The plan is to have the car complete and on the road in the Spring of 2024. Can't wait to see that !.

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