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Unipower GT finds a new home

The Unipower GT that was widely publicised as the ex-Janspeed race car from 1969, which was sold earlier this year, has now found a new home, thankfully still in the UK. The new owner has a collection of British Classic cars and was delighted to be adding this car to his collection.

The Club was in contact with its new owner recently and from that conversation, its is clear that he is very enthusiastic about the car and whilst a little disappointed that the history of the car was not what it seemed, he is never the less very excited about getting to drive the car in due course. It was also interesting to hear that there is no intention to compete with the car, but that it will be used occasionally for both road and track-days. The car is currently undergoing some remedial work with an engineering company in preparation for it being brought into his collection.

Its new owner wishes his identity to remain confidential at this time, but it is really good to hear that this car will be seen out and about in due course and most importantly, returned to good working condition.

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