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Rebuild of LTM 80G continues apace

The new owners of this road version of the Unipower GT which was originally built back in mid-1969, is making tremendous progress. This car was owned at one time by Peter Filby, the well-known journalist, author and publisher before in its latter life being converted for competition use. It competed in a few races, sprints and hill-climbs in the hands of two previous owners, before languishing unloved for a few years in storage.

Its current owners bought the car with the intention of competing with the car and as you can see from the photos, are progressing well and rebuilding the car to a very high standard. The car will obviously have deviated from the original design parameters in a number of ways and the suspension still retains the modifications that a previous owner made when converting a road-chassis to using rose-joints rather than the road-going metalastic bushes.

Certain other modifications made previously, like the cutaway in front of the pedal box, whilst necessitating a relocation of the fuel tank to further back, certainly make access to the steering rack and front suspension a lot easier. The engine installed is a freshly rebuilt 1293cc Cooper 'S' but tyre sizes are yet to be announced.

More updates will be posted as the car reaches its final stages of completion. Certainly looking forward to see this car back out in competition again.

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