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Rampa De Santa Luzia in northern Portugal 2016

Rampa De Santa Luzia in Sept 2016. My good friend Rui Sanhudo who is the proud owner of the Unipower GT that raced on the famous Circuito de Vila do Conde back in 1969 (see pictures), very kindly invited me to drive his car up the hill-climb course to the Basilica de Santa Luzia just outside of Porto in northern Portugal. The view from the steps of the Basilica is just stunning and considered to be the 3rd most beautiful panorama in the World. Our Paddock was in the harbour area, before parking in the town streets to display the cars before the start. With no chance to 'walk' the course, its interesting to say the least, as the road is all polished cobble stones and on hard historic tyres which certainly focused the attention, especially when driving a rare car like his. We both completed our runs without incident I'm pleased to say and I was so impressed with the laid back atmosphere from everyone, all out to just enjoy themselves. The Trophy's we took at the end of the day, really were the icing on the cake. The experience also of driving an unlicensed race car, without indicators, through the roads around the town with all the normal traffic was a challenge, but huge fun !. A huge thank you to Rui once again for such a truly amazing experience and also for both his and his friends fantastic hospitality.

Gerry Hulford

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