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LTM 80G returns to the Hills after a long break

Updated: May 26, 2022

The car as featured in a series of rebuild Blogs returned for the first time on the 14th May 2022, since its last outing at the Prescott hill climb in 1991, driven then by its co-owners, Arnie and Chris but now co-owned by Bob and Howard, but on this occasion driven by Peter Clark. The Club is pleased to have provided considerable guidance to Bob and Howard during the rebuild and is especially pleased to see the car running again, since the Author maintained the car during its ownership by Peter Filby back in the 80's.

The car performed well given that this was its first outing in anger after a brief shake-down test at a local airfield. Putting in low 63 sec runs, clearly there is a lot more to come as it had been decided to limit the fresh engine to 6,000 rpm on this occasion. Peter is often seen out on the hills in his MG Midget where at this venue, he would register times of around 53 secs. Despite this he did however feel that the car had great potential to go quicker.

(The Author ran his ex-works car up the hill at Chateau Impney for the first time, out pacing a well known Cox GTM hill-climb car of the same type and engine capacity, despite being unable to use 1st gear in the tight corners and with gearing more suitable for circuits. His well known car also won the Brighton Speed Trails class over 5-consecutive years despite being a circuit race car, establishing the potential of the marque when suitably prepared).

The car has now been returned to the workshops for a check over before its next outing as yet TBD, however more details as and when will be found here on the Club website.

View videos from the 14th May 2022 event as follows

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