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Goodwood testing with 766.2 in 1994

It surprises me to realise just how many years now I've owned this car, the first of the Competition spec cars built by UPD in 1966 and how much has been accomplished with it over the years. Occasionally when updating my archives I come across photos that illustrate just this and indeed how places themselves have changed so much in that time.

The following photos, the first was taken at Goodwood in 1994 when I was testing at my local circuit in the days when Open-wheel and Closed-wheel cars could share the track at the same time. In the pitlane was a Marcos and what looks a lot like a F5000 single seater. As you can see the 'Pits' at the time were pretty basic as racing at Goodwood had ceased back in 1966 and was then used only for testing. However soon after much changed.

The second photo was taken in 2014 when of course His Grace had invested heavily in turning Goodwood into the world famous motoring venue that it is today and I'm proud to have been associated with Goodwood since my early testing there in the late 70's and having been a senior instructor at the Race School there for over 10-years. My youngest son Miles, also started learning his race craft there when just 13-years old in a Formula Jedi single seater capable of 130mph.

The totally unique thing about Goodwood is that the circuit has not been changed at all over the years in terms of its length, shape and dimensions. The only updates having been resurfacing and the Chicane barrier's material construction changed as appropriate dependant on the event being run. So its a great place to test historic cars thereby maintaining consistency. I love the place.


Goodwood Pits in 1994

Goodwood Pits in 2014 with Ernie Unger looking on in the red jacket

Miles Hulford in 2002 with Michael Cooper (son of the late John Cooper of F1 constructors fame)

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