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Launched in 1966 to an admiring press and public alike, the Unipower GT took the specialist car market at the time by storm. Considered by the cognoscenti as the very best of the limited production sports cars of the 60’s, the car appealed to both wealthy and enthusiast alike. In its later years the cars would embark on a chequered but never to be forgotten campaign of International Sports Car racing across Europe, almost qualifying for the 1969 Le Mans 24hrs. Production ceased in late 1969 after just 73 examples had been built, but with still at least 70% of production existing, they remain much sought after by collectors the World over. 
The Club’s founder, Gerry Hulford, has assembled here an historical record of the marque, from its early production and beyond complete with details of every car built along with an amazing collection of photographs, many of which have never been seen before, illustrating the extraordinary history of these unique cars. The story and photographs take you on an intriguing journey from its inception, development and production, before following owners’ cars across the World, many of whom have lovingly cared for some immaculate examples, as well as those who have devoted considerable effort to restoring their cars. 
The racing history from early 1967 through to today, is covered in detail along with all known participations, chronicling their many on-track endeavours against all odds. Detail on the cars also includes technical information on suspension setup and a guide as to what to look out for when buying a Unipower GT. 
This fully authenticated publication with a Forward by its inceptors, Ernie Unger and Val Dare-Bryan, this 500 copy Limited publication is published as a hardback edition extending to 172-pages 225mm x 270mm on high quality paper designed/printed in the UK, featuring in excess of 425 Colour & Black/white period photographs. Released initially through the Club's website and now is also available through Chaters Motoring Booksellers.
It is a must for all Unipower GT owners, aspiring owners and enthusiasts alike, and supports why it is still revered as the ‘Mini-Miura’ of the 60’s.

Unipower GT - The definitive history

SKU: UnipowerGT2021
  • Author: Gerry Hulford

    ISBN: 978-1-3999-0477-3

    • Availability:  Now
    • Status:  New Release
    • Year of Publiction: 2021
    • Hardcover
    • 172 Pages
    • 420+ Pictures
    • Width : 225mm      Height : 270mm 
    • Country of Manufacture : United Kingdom
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