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Unipower GT rebuild Blog from Cornwall Part 14

Crutches binned (I had a new Hip !), new roof on my garage, floor painted, wall insulation on, so a dry decent size, warm workspace; the car is back on its factory stands and the work list revised and away we go again!

First, a simple job; fit new correct size rubber snubbers on the boot lid. That’s the boot properly installed. It’ll have to come out when we’re fitting the new exhaust manifold though. (Make your mind up! Ed)

Then large slots are to be cut on the rear lower inside of the A pillar for better and easier access to the door hinges. The doors will be hung properly and securely after the correct fixings are put on the inside.

Radiator has been picked up from Plymouth after having a new 2" thick core fitted to the original end tanks.

New fuel tank has also been completed and looking great

Exhaust manifold is in the process of being fabricated to mate up with the original silencer with side exit pipe, made by Janspeed Engineering many years ago (Thanks for this Gerry !)

New dished aluminium covers have been fabricated to cover the internal footwell access holes to the upper front suspension tie-rods.

That's all for now, with more to come as the car's rebuild nears completion.


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