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'This Time Today'

Back on the 20th July 1969, the factory entered car that had qualified for the Le Mans 24hrs the previous month, but not with both drivers unfortunately, was entered into the 16th Gran Premio Mugello in Italy. The car sported a few changes for the event, notably the addition of re-profiled air-ducts on each side to provide additional air cooling, it was hoped.

This race was an 8-lap race of the 66kms circuit and on this occasion had an entry of 140 cars. Some idea of how gruelling the race was and the conditions endured by the cars was shown in that of the 96 cars that started the race, only 65 finished.

Driven by Piers Weld-Forester and Dominic Martin, the little Unipower GT, finished 46th overall and 8th in Class.

The car was to go on to be raced by its subsequent new owner in 1970 at numerous international events before being written off at the Nurburgring in late 1970, due to a suspected failure of the 'bespoke' suspension, fitted to accommodate the recently installed FVA engine.

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