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The last factory assembled Unipower GT has found a new home

It is with some relief that, following a successful Auction of a car that has featured in the Club Blog pages and For Sale pages, and which has remained in the same ownership for the last 49-years, yes that's 49 YEARS !!, has finally found a new home and only a stones throw relatively from its previous abode.

Having visited Simon, its new owner to assist with some DVLA paperwork due to its long term ownership which the Club has resolved, I'm very pleased to say that there is every chance that this late example of the marque will be returned to the road in the not too distant future, such is Simon's enthusiasm.

We will keep you informed of progress as and how it happens.

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Guy Monty
Guy Monty
Jun 12

That's really good to see and I'm sure Simon will do a great job. Can't wait for progress updates. More Unipower heritage being preserved here!

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