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So which was the most 'competed in' Unipower GT ?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In the past, there have been various claims as to which Unipower GT was the most competed in car ever. This can be defined as being either, most ‘competed in Period’, or ‘overall to date the most competed in’. Of course, as time goes by, certain cars could conceivably increase their number of competitive starts over those that had previously been considered the most ‘competed in’.

By ‘competed in’, It must be that the car will have started a competitive event; Finishing the event is not necessary. By competitive, the requirement is that the car is either in a timed-event against other competitors or is competing in an event sharing the same track as other competitors. Lastly, non-competitive events are not counted, given the ‘competed in’ requirement and not having just been driven in events such as demonstration events. The overriding factor is that the driver is required to have a Competition Licence to be competing in the car. Finally, the car does not have to be a Competition GT version but can be any Unipower GT produced by the factory.

To answer the question, I have taken the most comprehensive known list of competitive events that Unipower GT’s have competed in, to produce the following statistics based on Chassis number and by number of competitive events up to and including 2021. The following statistics include some recent additions to those ‘in period’, identified by a UK circuit historian, after the recent book on the Unipower GT was published.

Chassis 766.2 Chassis 1266.9

Chassis Competitive participation in Factory Period (1966 – 1969)

766.2 (Comp GT) 24

1266.9 (Comp GT) 23

367.13 7

UWF1007 (Comp LM GT) 6

867.23 (Comp GT) 5

268.33 3

367.12 3

768.42 (Comp GT) 3

UWF1XXX (Comp GT) 3

368.37 2

468.38 2

UWF1005 2

1266.8 1

UWF1004 1

Chassis Competitive participation Overall (1966 – 2021)

766.2 (Comp GT) 59

1266.9 (Comp GT) 29

367.13 12

768.42 (Comp GT) 12

UWF1006 12

367.12 11

368.37 11

UWF1007 (Comp LM GT) 11

867.23 (Comp GT) 5

UWF1012 4

268.33 3

967.25 3

UWF1XXX (Comp GT) 3

468.38 2

767.21 2

UWF1005 2

UWF1024 2

967.25 2

866.4 1

1266.8 1

UWF1002 1

UWF1004 1

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