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Part 6 of LTM 80G's rebuild

As is often the case with restoring cars, progress seems never ending and incomplete, until when certain key components are refitted. The car then seems to take on a level of completeness that is encouraging to the restorer knowing now that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

The same is true of LTM 80G's rebuild, as the following photos received today show. Now with the window glass reinstalled including a new rear screen supplied by the Club in addition to other major components re-installed, the car really is taking shape.

Next steps are to complete some final reassembly, before being run up on a rolling-road in March, to both check all is well, but also to tune the freshly built 1293cc Cooper 'S' engine. More updates and the all important power output realised, in the next update.

In anticipation that all will be well, the car has been entered into a hill-climb at the famous Prescott venue in mid-May. We are very much looking forward to seeing this well known car return to the road and how well it will perform after its extensive rebuild.

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