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Part 5 of LTM80G's rebuild

Progress has continued at a slow but steady pace, impacted by the joint owners International motorsport commitments.

However as has been recently reported, the issues with the gearbox has been sorted out. The problem of not being able to select 2nd gear turned out to be the plunger in the first and second gear assembly to be misaligned.

The wiring loom has been completed. It has been decided to fit a full dash which allows the relays and fuses to be easily accessible.

The rear window between the interior and engine bay has been fitted and the exterior door handles are now in place and work !.

I'm sure you will all agree, it will be fantastic to see this car back up and running again and to be competing at events across the country.

More updates as work progresses.

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I will be interested to see how roll over bar will be accommodated by the rear clam shell. Like the look of the rear window between interior and engine bay. Going to be a great quality rebuild. Great ideas some of which I may poach for my long overdue project.

18 janv. 2022
En réponse à

The Roll-bar as fabricated (somewhat further rearwards from that in my chassis) will still fit into the shape of the rear Clamshell as there is no rear parcel shelf to cause a problem. Whilst a road-car spec chassis, the subsequent modifications and current changes to this chassis do not require the parcel shelf to provide physical separation between the engine bay and the interior of the car. Hence the fitment of an internal rear window, as recently fabricated, provides this separation. Personally I would have installed clear plexiglass across the full width, as in my experience of racing my Unipower GT in many races, the more overall visibility I have, the better I can gauge the position of other cars…

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