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Part 11 - The Cornish Unipower GT rebuild - Into Paint

Well at long last Guy has reached that all important phase, after a meticulous pre-assembly to ensure it all fits, of going to paint.

This was really a really exciting point in the rebuild and considerable discussion and research was needed before the final colour was poured into the paint gun.

Guy had decided that he wanted his car to be a homage to his Father's car that he had bought from the factory in late 1969. To make this a very special car, he had decided on a two-tone colour scheme using colours from the standard Unipower GT colour palette of Amber and White.

However whilst the original colour swatches from the factory were still available from Gerry at the Club, these were from Valentine paints who are no longer trading, and it turned out there was no way to cross reference their reference numbers to a another paint manufacturer. So as fortunately the swatches were in exceptional condition, a spectrum analysis was carried out to create a colour formula that exactly matched the original colours. Even so the Amber colour required some very slight tinting to arrive at the perfect match.

The result as you can see in the pictures is a stunning colour scheme that will certainly make it stand out from all the other Unipower GT's, apart from his fathers original car of course !, which is now in Japan.

As you will see in the pictures taken having just been loaded from the paint shop, there is still some considerable work required now to reassemble the car, installing the new wiring loom etc.... before it appears on the Club's stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show over the 11th - 13th November.

Guy's fathers car below as owned then by Gerry, was then the only two-tone coloured Unipower GT and still remains the only one painted by the factory. (Note: The colour reproduction on these old photos (from the early 80's) is not truly representative of its colour.)

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