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More Unipower GT art

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

You will have seen the progress of LTM 80G (UWF1012) on these Blog pages, as it was rebuilt and took part in a few events this year after a long sabbatical in the hands of previous owners.

However prior to Howard & Neville returning it to running order once again, the last owner to compete in the car, Arnie Wookie, commissioned the artist, John Ketchell to paint the car in the picture below.

I think you will agree that the result is rather good, depicting the car rather well with a clear sense of speed in the rain, nicely augmented by the cars reflection on the wet road.

Not sure what event the number carried on the car represented however, as the only known Unipower GT to carry that number was UWF1XXX, which ran in the abortive Targa Florio race in early 1969. Maybe there is an event that I'm unaware of that it took part in ?.

Postscript to the original post: It transpires that the number 228 was added to the picture on the then owners instruction, as a homage to the Targa Florio entry.

Painting by John Ketchell

Posted by kind permission of Arnie Wookie

Arnie Wookie with his old car at the Kop Hill climb earlier this year.

Picture: Howard Darby

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