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Fuji International Speedway August 2019 - Unipower GT #UWF1024

A short clip of chassis UWF1024 that I bought from the late Geoff Monty in 1976 and much later in 1991, sold it to its current owner in Japan who takes it to many Classic Car events such as this at the Fuji International Speedway. Whilst a very late UWF car, it sits on early Cosmic Mk1 alloy wheels. Still fitted with the very special 1480cc Cooper 'S' that I had built up using the Weslake, very short-skirt pistons that Geoff sold to me. Their fitment required the cylinders to be bored with considerable off-set in the block, to maximise the gaps between the bores for the head gasket to function correctly. He had always wanted to see if these pistons would work in an 'A' Series engine and given the few thousand miles I drove in that car, they did indeed work well.

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Guy Monty
Guy Monty
Jan 09

Really great to see this clip and see dad's car alive and very well! I remember that engine as it had pistons from the Weslake developed Triumph motorcycle 8 valve conversion (marketed by legendary Rickman brothers...check them out for Steve McQueens favourite bike ever...the Triumph engined Rickman Brothers Metisse scrambler). The top of the block had to have a huge amount machined off as the piston crown height was so much lower...These pistons were a direct iteration of the pistons used in the Weslake V12 formula one engine!! This combined with a long stroke crank, as Gerry said, provided lots of torque, no doubt helped I think, by a very special cam which used race spec Triumph motorcycle cam profile…

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