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Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Following my previous post regarding the internet blog, Maximum Mini, assertion that the Red car on the Unipower stand at the January 1967 Racing Car Show was Chassis number 1 (766.1), I had an email dialogue with its author Jeroen Booij, in which he was not willing to support his assertion with any evidence or information whatsoever other than that his assertion was right based on his information. However, he insisted that I should provide ‘compelling evidence’ to support my correction to his Blog post, that Chassis number 8 (1266.8) was the car that was on the stand and wanted copies of my original factory documentation, all of which confirmed the identities of both cars at that Show (in addition to those who were on the Unipower stand at that Show).

Regrettably, given the irrefutable factory documentation and other factors previously mentioned, Jeroen is still intent on not acknowledging historical fact. So, I see no point in dwelling on this matter any longer, other than to say that once again, the proverb ‘Caveat Emptor’ / Buyer Beware holds true here for any potential buyers of a Unipower GT.

May I would therefore suggest, that any potential purchaser of a Unipower GT, would do well to contact me so that I can verify (As holder of all the original factory documentation as well as being registered with the DVLA and also Insurance companies to carry out such) any provenance or specification being claimed by a seller, which may have been influenced by such and any other unverified assertions from other parties.

Potential buyers will also find the historical knowledge in the book Unipower GT - The definitive history, very useful in any potential purchase, as there is even a Chapter on what to look for when buying a Unipower GT.

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