The Entrepreneurs


Ernie Unger

The creator and driving force behind the Unipower GT came from Ernie Unger who as Director, steered the design & development of the Unipower GT between 1965 - 70. From his early days as a mechanic for Lotus in 1954, he went on to work with Ian Walker Racing and as Team manager for Equipe Elva before joining Gordon Spice Racing in 1977 as Director, running their team in the British Touring Car Championship before developing the Spice/Lamborghini prototype. Ernie is still very active in his retirement.  

Tim Powell

Tim went into partnership with Ernie Unger in 1965, providing backing through his manufacturing business, Universal Power Drives, to produce the first Unipower GT cars. After Tim left Unipower he pursued his love of Offshore Powerboats and became Commodore and President of United Kingdom Offshore Boating Association and revered on the international offshore scene throughout the World, sadly passing away peacefully in 2017.

Piers Weld-Forester

When Tim Powell left Unipower in 1968, Piers Weld - Forester became Ernie Unger's new partner in Unipower Cars (U.W.F. Automative Engineering). Piers the grandson of the Marquis of Ormande and a Royal Courtier, was sadly killed in 1977 while racing at Brands Hatch in the World Motorcycle Championship 

Val Dare - Bryan

Val joined Unipower very early on in the UPD period as engineering designer responsible for engineering its tubular space-frame mid - engine'd layout. Val left Unipower Cars early in 1969 and went on to do development work on the Porsche 956. As a consultant engineer, his subsequent work involved much aerodynamic work and he currently continues to consult for the MOD in the UK.     

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