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These cars built to a full Competition specification were supplied to customers whose intent was to go racing and benefited from the factory developments at the time. They were competed with in many countries across the World, both in hill-climbs and circuit racing both in National and International events, achieving some notable successes. The limited period in which the factory was active however, impacted on these cars ongoing development, as often the early owners did not have the expertise to overcome some of the inherent characteristics, which required stringent adherence to setup to overcome.    


Chassis 1266.9  -  Built December 1966                     Owner : Currently unknown

Presented at the 1967 Racing Car Show on the UPD Stand, this was the second Unipower Competition GT Chassis to be built and benefited from the extensive development undergone on the first Competition GT chassis #766.2 during 1966. Despite considerable interest, the chassis was not delivered to its first owner, Janspeed Engineering until the 8th June 1967, supplied without wheels or engine, as the intention was that Janspeed would use the car to showcase its latest engine developments, predominately in the up to 1100cc class of motorsport, which was very popular at that time. Janspeed were also a supplier of exhaust manifolds and silencers to UPD at that time, so there was already a relationship established.

​Janspeed then embarked on a race program at various UK circuits during the latter part of 1967, including its only International event in the GP of Madrid in July at the Circuit of Jarama in Spain, where it finished a credible 6th in Class. The car was then sold on Brian Harvey in March 1968, who with support from Car & Car Conversions magazine, competed in some Sprints and Hill-climbs before being sold again though U.W.F. to Graham Goodman in June 1968, who raced the car in the UK during the rest of '68 and early '69 driven by Gideon Lloyd. The car then passed through another 6-owners with little known history, before being bought in 1992 by Roland Petit in Belgium who raced the car at the Belgian circuits of Spa and Zolder (History still to be researched/confirmed), sometimes in 6hr races. In 2013 the car was marketed through Paul Grant, an Auto dealer in Brussels and subsequently bought by an owner in the UK in January 2014, who aesthetically restored the car back to the livery at the time of Brian Harvey's ownership. Taking part in a few demonstration events over the next 6-years, the car was marketed again around 2017 without success, before finally being sold in January 2020 to an undisclosed owner, thought to be in the UK. 

The event history of the car is as follows, with its full event history still to be confirmed with any certainty.


Chassis 768.42  -  Built July 1968                              Owner : Kelly Whittenauer (USA)

Imported into the U.S.A. in July 1968 by the Importers, Gorden Lamont Investments, this full Competition spec car was fitted with a Janspeed 1148cc engine. The cars first owner sold the car on in 1972 to Claude Houde who owned and  raced the car in Canada for best part of 45-years before selling to another Canadian, Carl Lapointe in late 2016. The car then passed on to John Wittenauer in the U.S.A. in late 2018. The Wittenauers' have really joined the Unipower fold, having acquired two Unipower's recently with, John's wife Kelly having now taken 'ownership' of this car and is having a great time getting to grips with its unique handling characteristics, compared to her previous Mini racing experience. 


Chassis 867.23  -  Built July 1967                            Owner : Dan Viola (USA)

Imported into the U.S.A. in July 1968 by Robin Seel, uniquely flown over by Pan American Airlines by the American agents to display at the New York Motor Show before passing to its first owner Kris Harrison.  Paul Richards would race the car at the Lime Rock circuit in a Group 6 race in October and later the car would be raced by its owner and Bob Barrell at Watkins Glen in 1969. The car was then sold to help finance the emerging racing careers of two to be famous drivers, Giles Villeneuve and Keke Rosberg, whom Kris was sponsoring through his business at the time. The subsequent owner went on to race the car, before four owners later and having been raced in SCCA events, it now resides in New York State.     

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