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The 'Mini Miura' - Lambourghini Miura vs Unipower GT – A justifiable comparison ?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Lamborghini Miura

The Lamborghini Miura as most will know, was designed by three of the Italian automaker's engineers in 1965 and built between 1966 and 1973. Unveiled at the Brussels motor show in 1966, the Miura was the fastest production car in the world at the time and very special because of its mid-mounted 3929cc V12 engine producing 350 hp, which was ground-breaking in a road car at that time. The Bertone designed bodyshell measured just over 41 inches tall and the result was jaw-dropping in its styling. The cost price at $20,000 ( £14,210 sterling ) in 1966 was considered expensive, with sound examples today fetching around £1M, showing a potential 70 times return on investment (exceptional rare examples fetching considerably more than this). Not without its flaws, as those fortunate enough to have driven an example will agree, having woeful brakes and steering, this icon of the 60’s changed the performance automotive industry forever and set the scene for all subsequent Supercars. 764 Miura were built in total.

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Unipower GT

The Unipower GT was conceived by Ernie Unger in 1963 and built in England between 1966 and 1970 with its unveiling in 1966 at the Racing Car Show in London. So its design had been conceived nearly two years earlier than the Miura and the similarities continue. It also has a mid-engined layout, albeit using an in-line 4-cyl 1275cc engine producing 75hp and was also ground breaking with its design. The bodyshell penned by a Ford GT40 stylist, its height measured just over 40 inches tall and was also acknowledged at the time as a masterpiece in packaging and design, for a car measuring only 11’ 6” long. To those not in the financial league of the Miura, the Unipower GT was no less jaw dropping when compared to the then alternatives on the market from Lotus, Marcos etc…, costing around £1,200 at launch, £13,000 less than the Miura. Exceptional examples today can fetch nearly £100,000, showing a potential of over 80 times return on investment, very similar to the Miura. 73 Unipower GT were built in total and ten times rarer than the Miura.

Whilst many will justifiably feel that the Miura is so special, that it is head and shoulders above the Unipower GT, but for many reasons, well maintained examples of the Unipower GT can certainly bat well above their weight, and will continue to do so.

The aforementioned similarities continue to inspire the Owners Club to support Owners to ensure the continued presence of these very special cars.

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Guy Monty
Guy Monty
Mar 09, 2021

In 1974 I worked for the Lamborghini concessionaire in London (Nick Van Der Steen) and consequently had a bit to do with them. The Miura drivetrain was similar to a Mini, the gearbox being integral with the engine and driven by transfer gears. These, of course were not up to the job of transferring 350 bhp to the gearbox and gave lots of trouble, made worse with errant broken gearbox parts finding their way up into the engine! The transverse V12 engine (6 cylinders wide) meant the rear suspension arms were too short and so chronic bump steer was a big problem and as for the noise!!!! Great for 10 mins but any longer it was tedious.

Having had plenty…

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