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The definitive history of the Unipower GT - The Book

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The history of the Unipower GT during its gestation and subsequent 4-years of production, was a fascinating, rapidly changing period, during which car production would be managed by two successive companies and towards the end would embark on a World Sports Car Championship campaign, before the doors closed finally in 1970. Its history is full of the kind of stories that were only really known, by those who were there at the time.

Many years ago as Club secretary, I considered writing a book on this amazing car, which whilst produced in limited numbers, has still survived today 54-years later and still has a passionate following.

So as a multiple Unipower GT owner with a comprehensive knowledge of the marque for over the last 48-years, I'm honoured to announce that with the approval and support of Ernie Unger, the Founder and sole remaining Unipower Cars Director, and to have been with the project throughout its life, I will be publishing a book later this year to finally fully document the whole story of the Unipower GT. This will be made possible through the benefit of many years of documentation, recorded interviews and conversations with the many company personnel over the years, original factory documentation and 48-years of the Owners Club archives.

The book, it is fully intended, will be the most comprehensive chronicle of the Unipower GT's history on record and importantly fully validified. This will be a busy year !.

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