Further restoration progress on a 1969 Road car, modified for Competition

Thank you to its owners for the latest pictures of this chassis built in 1969, undergoing restoration back to being again used in competition. This car had an early life as the regular transport of a well-known Alternative Cars Magazine publisher and thereafter had a pretty chequered life, changing hands a number of times, latterly being competed in by its last two owners, but generally being very 'unloved' of late. It is now in good hands and has undergone considerable work 'beneath the skin', to get it back to a condition commiserate with the standard to which its owners are used to, in preparing competition cars.

At some point this year hopefully the work will be completed, and Covid problems aside, will most probably be back on track.

To see just how much work has been completed, bearing in mind there was never an intention of restoring it other than for competitive events, the following pictures should give an insight.

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