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The Unipower GT Owners Club & Register was started back in 1972 by myself when I bought my first Unipower GT, however then it was referred to as a Club, but without any membership fees, as is still the case today as only ownership of a Unipower GT is all that is required. Given that production of the cars had only ceased a little over two years previously, there were quite a number of cars in the South of England and it was these and their owners who met up once a month at the Royal Oak pub on the green in Brockham, Surrey. Typically, there would be around six cars that would come along to spend the afternoon chatting about their cars and exploits, some coming from afar afield as South Wales. Over the coming years, many owners made various bespoke modifications to personalise and in a number of ways, measurable improvements, the most common of which was the addition of a front ‘spoiler’, developed in late 1966 by the factory, to eliminate the high-speed front-end lift that the cars had suffered from. The ‘factory works’ race cars, of which there were only three, had continued to be developed and were fitted with 'full width' air-dams over time to further capitalise on this, but this modification did not find its way onto the production cars.

During these early years, I had managed to purchase all the original paperwork, drawings, parts lists, documentation and production records in existence when the factory ceased production in early 1970, by which time 73 cars had been built. The level of detail held by the Club, both for the cars produced and the surviving cars is the most comprehensive out there, with the level of detail extending from present/past owner history, values over the years, through to engine numbers/paint colours/original specifications/modifications etc...  It should be remembered here that all the cars were factory built with minor parts fitted by the customers; a ‘kit’ price-list having been made to available to mitigate the then Purchase Tax on factory-built cars. 

Today well over 75% of the total production, scattered around the World, is known to the Club's Register and is maintained through keeping contact with Owners past and present. Having had five Unipower GT’s (see below) for a number of years at one time (the Works 998cc Demonstrator (#1266.7), first competition spec car raced by the factory (#766.2), the first production chassis built (#766.1), a very nice late UWF version (# UWF1011) and finally a brand new and one of the last cars built, as well as being the only two-tone factory painted car (#UWF1024), I only have my ex-Works race car left (#766.2), which I still very much enjoy driving and competing in.  

From those early days of the Unipower Owners Club, when there was a greater active participation in events, the Register as I re-branded it for a few years, has been quietly supporting owners around the World and is registered with Government Directorates and Insurance Company's alike to authenticate the Unipower GT. It had been my intention for many years to bring the Register into the 21st Century with an Internet presence to provide more formal content in promoting the most remarkable of cars, the Unipower GT. The launch of this new website sees this intention come to fruition along with the re-establishment of the Club to be the Owners Club & Register. I hope you will enjoy its content, which will be updated on a regular basis and for those of you with cars, please keep in touch with any news about your Unipower GT. The Club now has a presence on Facebook and Instagram, which can be accessed via the social media icons on the Home page.

Best regards,

Gerry Hulford

Founder & Club/Register Secretary

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